Arts in Education Aid Council (AEAC) is a nonprofit organization that supports arts education programs in San Fernando Valley schools.

A well rounded education is not complete without the arts.  An arts education is the right of every child and no child should be denied access to the arts because of economic status.

A multicultural curriculum exposes children in the Valley to the cultures of their peers.  Being able to express oneself through the arts gives kids a healthy way to manage stress and crisis.     A school environment that features the arts keeps kids interested in school, giving them a reprieve from from the monotony, stress and perpetual testing that dominates our education system which breaks down the labeling system of “successful students” (academic achievers and great test takers) from “unsuccessful students” (non-academic, marginalized, impoverished, learning disabled and those who have been misdiagnosed as learning disabled).   The one size fits all education model is a failure.

The days of trying to justify the importance and relevance of the arts by how much they can improve test scores are over.  We believe in art for art’s sake.